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FLASH! Alumni Reunion Series Announcement

Dear Fellow Alum:

Greetings from Nazareth High School!

As you may know, Nazareth, after a year of challenge in 2012 when it appeared that closing the doors at the 50 year mark of the high school was imminent, was able to remain open because of the concerted efforts and resilience of the Administration, Board of Trustees, Faculty and the indefatigable spirit of the Student Body. We are very happy to report that in the past year and a half, the school has stabilized, projected enrollment is on the upswing, and Capital and Educational improvements to the school are underway. This year a new Science Lab and Media Center have been built on the second floor of the building. We are confident that the future of our Alma Mater is a bright one.

Paramount to moving forward is re-establishing meaningful contact and interaction with our Alums, a group that has been neglected for far too long. Strong schools have strong futures due in large part to strong Alumni interaction and association. Creating that vitality among our alums is a commitment of the current Board of Trustees, a group that has nine (9) graduates among its members.

With this letter we are proud to announce the launch of a series of Alumni Reunions beginning with the combined classes of 1966-1969.

The ’66-’69 Alumni Reunion is on July 12th, 2014 and will be held at the Baron DeKalb Knights of Columbus on Emmons Avenue in Brooklyn from 7:00 PM – midnight. Hopefully your vacation plans enable you to attend this event. The particulars are as follows:

Cost is $60 per person which includes a cocktail hour, buffet reception, an open bar, cake, valet parking and gratuity. The event is being hosted by Baron Caterers which is managed by Jack Spadaro, Class of ’81. He has been most helpful in finding a Saturday night for us and we truly appreciate his interest in Nazareth. We are happy to honor Brother Matthew Burke, the fourth Principal at Nazareth, as our guest and featured speaker. In addition we will be reaching out to former Faculty from your years, hoping for a showing from as many of them who are able.

In closing, simply put we would really like to see you again. For so many, Nazareth holds great memories, stories, and played a formative role in so many of our lives. The MAIN purpose of these gatherings is to reconnect with our alums and share an evening of nostalgia and camaraderie, rekindling the Spirit of Nazareth that was so prominent in our halls, classrooms, ball fields, extracurriculars, etc. It will also be part of our evening to share the “Nazareth Today Story” in hopes that you to be a part of the future of the school that has meant so much to so many over the past half century.

Thank You.

Providentia Quiles, Principal, Nazareth Regional HS

John Wuestman (’68), Board of Trustees, Development Liaison

Michael Flynn (’70), Board of Trustees, Chairman of the Board

Gary Brasco (’78), Development Director