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Michael Flynn, ’70


Greetings Fellow Alums:

I write to you at the beginning of what I hope will be a healthy, happy and prosperous Holiday Season for you and yours.

In late January of 2012, the Nazareth Board of Trustees was faced with the somber financial reality that declining enrollment, a struggling Development Program, and a depleted Capital Improvement Fund had placed the school on a precarious financial perch. The Board was faced with a half million dollar loan payment that had been deferred beyond the lender’s tolerance. We were insolvent with no viable alternative but to plan to close the school.

A few weeks, later, on February 9, 2012 Board Members met with parents, students, faculty, staff and administration in a packed gym to announce the closure and discuss the logistics of transferring students. What we encountered was a profound energy, no small degree of anger, but an even greater sense of purpose and resolve that we not close the school. The message from the audience was simple” “our kids need Nazareth, this community needs Nazareth and we will not just ‘go away’.”

“Save Nazareth NOW” was born that night, in no small measure because of a $500,000 loan secured by a most committed member of the Board of Trustees. We are in the second year of a 4 year plan to increase enrollment, rebuild the Capital Improvement Fund, and provide necessary upgrades to the Science Lab and the Technology Program, our greatest needs. In addition, we have hired a Development Director, revamped Board Membership with a number of Alums from the 60s through the 80s and are joined on the Board by Bro. Matthew Burke, the 4th Principal who spent 14 years with Nazareth from 1962-76.

We need our Alums. As you look through this packet, please consider making a financial contribution. No gift is too small and no gift will go unappreciated. We are making a grass roots effort to re-connect with you after years of little formal contact and outreach – a neglect that Nazareth will not repeat.

In closing, our folks wanted the best for us and made sacrifices to send us to Nazareth. So have the parents of the current students. That is a 50 year constant in the history of Nazareth.

May it see another 50 years, and it can, with all of our help. Thank you.


Michael Flynn, ‘70