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Principals Message

Dear Nazareth Alumni,

Nazareth has always been considered a home away from home by our students for over 50 years. The more I speak with the alumni, the more convinced I am that Nazareth’s mission to prepare its students for college as well as develop their spiritual, intellectual, creative, social, and emotional abilities is what makes our education so successful. Fifty years after we opened our doors, we are still graduating students at 98% with 96% of the students heading to college.

The continued commitment to education and student enrichment at Nazareth is made possible with the dedication of our staff, community, friends, family and especially our alumni. As we enter into the 51st year of educating students, we must boast that students can take up to 18 college courses (up to 55 credits) before leaving Nazareth and as the educational climate becomes more competitive, a Nazareth education is stronger than ever with a support system that is unsurpassed.

Our ongoing commitment to 21st Century Education includes creating a new Science Lab and Computer Technology Center that will establish our commitment to STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics). Our students cannot be left behind; we must act now to ensure Nazareth is at the forefront of globalization and future job opportunities. Your generous support will help our students continue to attend schools like Harvard, Princeton, NYU, SUNY and CUNY schools.

Please consider making a positive impact in our Nazareth community by allowing us to continue the important work we set out to do over 50 years ago.

Please help provide the Nazareth students with the best education possible by returning your annual campaign donation or by clicking the donate button to the left.

Every donation makes a difference, regardless of size. Thank you in advance for your contribution to support the efforts of the Nazareth family.


Mrs. Providencia Quiles